Behind the curtain of one marketing campaign

"Let us take you on a journey of creating one marketing campaign"
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Have you ever wondered what is actually happening behind a marketing campaign that you, maybe find so interesting, or it has you convinced to buy that product?

There is a whole team standing behind every campaign we’ve ever made. A group of people working as one with the same goal, to create an interesting, successful campaign, and of course make the client happy. 

Everything starts with first listening to the client’s wishes, goals, products that they want to promote. That’s where the Project manager comes in. He needs to understand clients’ needs, as well as how can we implement those and reach a common goal. The key to a successful partnership is mutual understanding, compromise, explaining to the client why are we doing something, and why is that in his best interest. Happy client, happy work. 

The next step is, of course making the plan, assigning the team members so that everything can be finished in time, synchronized with one another, and completed flawlessly. The project manager has to be up to date with every task of his team, to make sure we are on the right path to accomplish the goal.




The designer needs to create the most engaging visual to attract the audience, let the imagination and creativity sync in, even when it’s sometimes something the product that doesn’t give you that much inspiration, he will find it. Trust me it is not always easy, especially when you have also creative teammates with a bunch of ideas, and you should try to implement valid comments and make variations, to find the best solution. Thank you designer for tolerating ll of us. 



Next is, of course, a digital marketing specialist, a vizard of OZ, or in this case WCS, a person who will approve the design, write a copy, and set up a whole campaign in order to get the best results. Seems like a lot of responsibility right? But don’t worry, our digital marketer is ready for every challenge. It’s not only placing the image and copy, you have to know the audience, their interests, get into people’s minds and figure out who would most likely buy the product. It is not a coincidence we call him a vizard. Be careful what you think in front of him, he knows.



And let’s not forget the person who we could do it without, mister developer! Developer makes sure that everything is functional and ready set for go, on the website. He prepares the Landing page, functionalities of buttons, everything in order so that the person who clicks on the campaign and gets to the website, see (and buy) everything that he needs, without a problem. Make the website easy and appealing for the user, and functional at the same time. Probably the person that has the most messages in the inbox. 


There is so much more that I could tell you about, but let’s keep that for some other post.


Does it seem that easy to you now? No right? 

But trust us when you have the best teammates as we have, you enjoy every part of this marketing process.


Until our next chat,

Your WCS team. 

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