Our projects reflect everything we stand for

The projects we have completed so far serve as the best example of what WhiteCitySoft can accomplish for your organization. All of them make us proud. They prove that we are following our vision - creating the meeting point between our clients and their ideas.



An e-shop website that features over 18.000 products with all relevant data. We made a massive system of information easy to use and increased the revenue four times in the first few months!

Case Study

Entertaiment Industry

The Coca Cola Icon Tumbler

A project was done as a partnership between Coca-Cola and (RED) - celebrating the 100th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s iconic bottle shape and fighting AIDS.

Case Study

Ad Tech Industry


Consumable’s content widgets are based on revolutionized approach to ads, created by combining compelling short form content with digital ads, and thus providing a fun experience for users.

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Beautify Earth

A creative website that's full of visual appeal for a non-profit organization with a mission to paint 1.000.000 walls around the globe, while empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility, and instilling community pride.

Travel Industry

Coming soon

Travel Guides Free

TGF is the one place that offers FREE print and digital vacation planning guides and travel brochures from 100’s of destinations. A website accompanied by a dashboard that tracks all aspects of the business.

Food Industry

Coming soon


86 is the one application that solves many problems related to running a bar/restaurant. Easy and intuitively, it solves the problematic communication between employees, resolves the issues of managing goods, and prevents the awkward situations known as 86.