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The projects we’ve completed so far are the best way of getting a clue of what WhiteCitySoft can do for your business. We are proud of each of them. They prove that we are fulfilling our vision - creating the meeting point between our clients and their ideas.

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Open Positions

What we are looking for

Company WhiteCitySoft, operating from Belgrade (Serbia) and New York (USA), is looking for an experienced backend JAVA developer.

For the past seven years, we have been working closely with several large clients in the advertising industry. Throughout that time, we have accumulated knowledge from several successful projects in the programmatic advertising field and are actively servicing some of the largest digital media companies in the USA. We build our backend software, platform, and client-facing products to enable digital media (supply) with the best-in-class monetization tools (demand) in a seamless and optimized way.

Technologies and components:

  1. generation and deployment of custom javascript tags, which are responsible for running real-time auctions (RTB)
  2. back-office and client-facing dashboards
  3. management of industry-specific components - publishers, sites, ad units, demand partners and other entities
  4. logging, tracking and reporting - combining data from multiple sources
  5. tools for optimization, reporting, alerting, etc

Out of a growing need from our clients, we are looking for backend support in the following areas:

  1. developing and maintaining java microservices
  2. cloud infrastructure maintenance (AWS), with a focus on scalability
  3. development of RTB exchange as a separate product
  4. working on algorithms and code optimizations which will directly impact platform revenue
  5. implementing new standards in the advertising industry

What we are offering:

  1. Challenging and fast-paced environment
  2. above average market compensation based on skillset, delivery, commitment/merit, and other requirements
  3. learning from experts in the advertising industry
  4. working directly with co-founders
  5. remote and/or office work
  6. flexible work hours - “as long as the job gets done” mentality

Skillset which would be most compatible for the role:

  1. 5+ years of experience in software development
  2. 3+ years of experience in Java development with Spring, Spring Boot, and Hibernate
  3. Experience with Web servers and REST APIs
  4. Experience with reporting, handling large datasets, complex SQL (Spring JPA, QueryDSL)
  5. Experience with AWS
  6. Experience building scalable server-side components
  7. Experience with large codebases and microservices
  8. Ability to write clean, well-designed and high-quality code in a highly collaborative Agile development environment

Qualifications which we think would make you a good fit for the company:

  1. Ability to work with partial/flexible or no specification
  2. Positive attitude towards and willingness to engage in discussions and everything related to improving the product
  3. Availability on the chosen method of communication (slack, skype, meet/hangout)
  4. Quick response and resolution time for critical issues in production
  5. Deadline oriented attitude, working overtime when the need arises
  6. Ability to maintain different codebases and environments
  7. Passion for problem-solving, interest in growing your skillset, desire to tackle multifaceted and challenging problems
  8. Good knowledge of English, conversational and written
  9. Strong work ethics