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We bet on our strengths

Trusting your idea with someone is like revealing the password of your mail to a total stranger. Don’t worry - you don’t have to, but you want to know everything about the people who you will rely on to grow your business, right?

Find out who we are

WhiteCitySoft is a global team of architects, UX/UI designers, web and mobile developers, system administratos, project and account managers. Operating since 2006, our team has gained a reputation of being trustworthy partners who help people start and get their business running.

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We are motivated by the continuous effort of pushing forward with new ideas, technologies, and trends, combined with a simple purpose to overcome your everyday challenges and create greatness together.

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Aiming for innovative products that serve their purpose could not be possible without being creative and loving what you do. Passion gives us the strength to provide you with innovative solutions you can't help but love.

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Every member of our team has invested years and years of mastering his skills, and together we have a long history of working as a team to deliver no less than the best.

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Openness is what we appreciate the most. There will be no secrets between us, and you can always count on us to be there for you in the best and the worst until we all achieve outstanding results.

WhiteCitySoft is open to hiring new people. Feel free to contact us if you can relate to how we make our clients happy. Reach out to our project manager Dejan Gligorijevic at [email protected]. He will get back to you and arrange a meeting.

Few more details about us

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Our team is creating wonderful projects with clients from all around the world.

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Kalemegdan Fortress is within a few minutes walk from our office. A perfect place to contemplate about… well, everything. We can take you there once you visit us.

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Our best table football player is Sasa Slavkovic. Don’t worry; you’ll meet him soon.

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On the workdays, we are powered by caffeine, but beer is that magic potion that spices up our weekend. Be aware: If you come to visit our offices in Belgrade or New York, you will be offered some of the best local beers.